Iraq War Veteran Died Trying To Save People From The Planned Parenthood Shooter (VIDEO)

As the Republican Party desperately tries to distance themselves from the right-wing terrorist they created, we are learning more details about the three victims of the attack on Planned Parenthood. One of Robert Dear’s victims was an Iraq war veteran who bravely saved the lives of others, even after being shot.

Former Specialist from the 4th Infantry Division and father of two, Ke’Arre Stewart stepped outside of the clinic to try to get a signal on his cell phone when Dear began shooting. One of Dear’s bullets struck the 29-year-old, but that didn’t stop him from running back into the building to warn others to get down. His brother, Leyonte Chandler, told NBC News that he thought it was his brother’s military training that caused him to act so heroically:

I believe that’s his military instinct, you know: Leave no soldier behind, leave no civilian behind, just leave no one behind,’ an emotional Chandler said. ‘So he ran back inside, trying to help out others. I don’t know where he was at, as far as how many more breaths he had, but he knew. And before his time ran out I guess that was his main priority … to help and save other lives.

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Chandler also went on to say that his anger was not towards the gunman, but instead, the lax gun laws that allow these types of shootings to continue happening:

My anger is not toward him, toward the gunman … my anger is toward the laws that allow things like this to happen: the gun laws. When you allow people to carry firearms at their own will it makes a breeding ground for destruction and tragedy.

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He is absolutely correct. This man served our country and survived, only to come home and die at the hands of a right-wing terrorist. Time and again we see people, who are infected with the Republican Party’s vile lies, load up on weapons and ammunition and callously murder innocent people. These are no longer “tragic shootings.” instead they are premeditated mass murders brought on by our inability to pass tougher gun laws. It is disgusting.

How’s that for freedom?


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