WTF?! An Investigation Launched After Possible Bernie Sanders Assassination Attempt (VIDEO)

There have been many conspiracy theories about the possible assassination of Bernie Sanders if elected president. But now we are asking ourselves; could there be more to the theories and was there recently an attempt?

A patch can be seen on a storefront window at the Bernie Sanders campaign headquarters in northwest Las Vegas due to a bullet hole. It was discovered on Thursday morning, the same day the Democratic presidential candidate was on site, according to Metro Police.

According to reports, officers responded to the campaign office at 815 South Rainbow Blvd., near Alta Drive, just before noon. While police said that it did appear as though a bullet went through the window, they declined to comment on whether a shot had been fired.

I suppose someone just wished it there? C’mon! A bullet hole does not just appear unless a shot has been fired. But, they claim to still be investigating. Let’s hope the department hasn’t been paid off.

I realize this is still being investigated, but it’s not far fetched to consider this a possible attempt to take out a man who is a huge threat to big corporations, and disliked many right-wing extremists. While big corporations have the means to find ways around security, the fact that he is still without a Secret Service detail leaves him more vulnerable to attacks by crazy right-wing nuts.

Let’s hope this is all the motivation the government needs to protect one of our most popular presidential candidates.

Watch the video HERE

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