Interviewer Accidentally Tells Obama: ‘This Is For Your First Wife’ (VIDEO)

President Obama sat down with three YouTube personalities two days after his State of The Union address, doing a total of three mini interviews lasting more than 46 minutes put together. He answered some serious questions, while also discussing his childhood ambitions such as “wanting to play in the NBA, or being an architect,” while at the same time, laughing at silly comments such as when YouTube star Glozell Green refers to Michelle Obama as “one of his first wives,” and says “Castro puts the d*ck in dictatorship.”

These are the types of questions that you will probably only see on You Tube, since many respectable news outlets, if you want to call them that, would probably never allow such behavior (during the actual interview, at least).

After asking the President his views on such topics as cyber security and racial tensions in the United States, Glozell Green hands the President three green colored lipsticks, the same kind she famously wears, thanking him for allowing her to interview him.

She says:

My mom always used to say, when you go to somebody’s house, you gotta give them something. You’re not supposed to come empty handed. So, I have green for your first wife….

Obama interrupts:

My first wife? Do you know something I don’t?

Glozell Green:

Ohhhh, I’m so sorry! I mean for the First Lady and the First Children….

The President does a good job at shrugging this off:

I’m going to ask Michelle to try it on, maybe even tonight.

After the interview is over and they hug before Obama’s next interview, he jokes:

You didn’t get some green lipstick on me, did you?

Do not let these immature slips fool your impression on the quality of the interview or the answers given. President Obama opens up at one part of the interview and discusses his feelings and his rational behind using drones that “can perhaps kill innocent civilians” and how he personally lives with the knowledge of this.

This is definitely a must watch interview with the Commander and Chief, that breaks free of traditional forms of news media. If you want to watch the full interview from start to finish, just rewind to the end. The clip starts out at the 21:09 mark for those who are just interested in a few of the bloopers mentioned in this article.

Watch here:

H/T: White House | Featured Image: YouTube screen capture

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