Internet Tracks Down Where Trump Got His ‘Illegal Voter’ Claim – And He Should Resign IMMEDIATELY

Just another ordinary weekend in Trumpland. The President-elect spent another night ranting on Twitter, this time about Jill Stein’s call for a recount and Clinton’s support of it, demanding everyone should stop wasting the their time and money.

But by this afternoon, Trump went completely off the charts with a bizarre claim that he had in fact won the popular vote (an obvious and total lie) because of, ironically, voter fraud:

So where did Trump get this bad information? What high-level election official did he consult before reporting this stat?

Well, in true Trump-style, it turns out this outrageous claim began with a pair of tweets… from a guy named Gregg Phillips.

And who is Gregg Phillips? Exactly. Nobody. A right-wing activist who within two days of the election says he was able to analyze 180 million voter registration forms and discover that more than three million illegal votes were cast.

That’s it. These two tweets. This is the most irresponsible display of lie-spewing the President-elect has engaged in since being elected and he needs to stop.

Trump probably got the information from his friends at InfoWars, a right-wing conspiracy theory website run by his close supporter Alex Jones. Two weeks ago, InfoWars ran an article claiming “3 million” undocumented immigrants had voted for Hillary. Their source? Gregg Phillips and his two, fact-free tweets.

There is absolute zero evidence to support the claim, but as usual, right-wing media outlets won’t let a little thing like facts hold them back from spreading the lie in support of Trump.

In another example, Bryan Fischer, a host on the American Family Radio, quoted the stat on his program yesterday, suggesting Clinton “possibly only won the popular vote because more than three million non-citizens illegally cast votes in last week’s presidential election.”

In subsequent comments, Phillips promises legal action and is inviting supporters to join him. And many are excited to do so.


As of yet, no case has been filed, of course, but now with Trump’s endorsement, Phillips might just do it. Regardless, if Trump plans on using Twitter as his own personal Census Bureau and can’t distinguish between fact and InfoWars he needs to resign right now.

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