Internet Reacts To Ted Cruz’s Debate Performance: ‘Did He Just Eat A Booger?’ (TWEETS)

Admit it. You’ve thought that there is something wrong with Ted Cruz for some time now. You’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it is, but you’re pretty sure that he’s like your friend George, who pulled the wings off flies at recess in third grade. Recently a hilarious sendup of a Cruz campaign commercial by “Bad Lip Reading” gave voice to some of your thoughts when Cruz’s wife Heidi says that Cruz “eats human hair.” (No, she didn’t really say that, except in the words that Bad Lip Reading put in her mouth. But still…)

Then came the March 3, GOP debate and in the middle of that generally forgettable affair was a moment that has stirred some conversation on the internet. In

the middle of speaking, something appears on Cruz’s lips. What it was exactly isn’t clear, but it appeared to come from inside his mouth. It hangs there for a while, Cruz’s lips passing it back and forth. Instead of wiping it away with a finger, or dabbing at it with a Kleenex, Cruz pretends that it just doesn’t exist. Then he does the unthinkable — he eats it.

At that point America flipped out, as thousands of people flashed back to elementary school, watching that socially awkward kid who wanted the other kids’ attention and got it by eating boogers. Some of them took to social media to ask just what the hell they just saw.

Trump supporter and shameless right-wing Twitter whore Linda Suhler jumped on it right away.

Another Twitter user, TrottReuters, called for an investigation.

Even though the object appeared to come from inside Cruz’s mouth, many were convinced that it had fallen from his rather prominent proboscis. In another tweet, Suhler asked;

Today, a new Facebook community has emerged: “Ted Cruz’s Booger.” And some enterprising soul has purchased the domain name “” and is offering it for sale.

Cruz has been trying to pitch himself as the only viable alternative to Trump for Republicans. But so far nobody appears to be buying. Will “Boogergate” be the final nail in Cruz’s campaign coffin? Stay tuned.

Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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