Internet Explodes After Disgraced Former Lawmaker Shows Up Behind Trump At Florida Rally (VIDEO)

Mark Foley is a former Florida lawmaker who was forced to resign from office after a scandal broke that revealed that he had a proclivity for sexually soliciting teenage boys. How did this come out, you might ask? He repeatedly emailed underage boys who had worked on Capitol Hill, many of them as pages. Since the disgraceful exit, Foley hasn’t been in the news much lately – until Wednesday.

NBC’s Katy Tur, who covers the Trump campaign, spotted Foley at Donald Trump’s rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was even sitting right front and center, right behind Trump himself.

Foley offered the following explanation for his presence at the rally:

I’ve been a friend of Mr. Trump’s since 1987. I’ve admired so much of what he’s done. He’s a different breed of leader and a different reed of candidate.

Foley says the he thinks Trump will have support in his area of the Sunshine State because “is a pretty hospitable area for Trump.” (Note: Trump’s losing in Florida according to the latest polls.)

The internet certainly isn’t hospitable for Foley, however, especially considering the gross hypocrisy of it all. After all, Trump railed Hillary Clinton earlier in the week when Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s father showed up at one of her rallies, unbeknownst to the Clinton campaign. Trump said of the incident:

Wasn’t it terrible when the father of the animal that killed the wonderful people in Orlando was sitting with a big smile on his face right behind Hillary Clinton? And by the way … a lot of the people here — how many of you people know me? A lot of you people know me.

When you get those seats you sort of know the campaign, so when she said well we didn’t knew, he knew, they knew.

Here are just a few of the tweets that came in regarding Foley’s surfacing at the Trump rally:

And these are just a few, and the tweets are still rolling in. Everyone sees the gross hypocrisy – as well as just plain grossness – of the idea of the likes of Mark Foley in The Donald’s corner, especially considering the absolutely creepy way Trump acts with and talks about his own daughter.

foley trump rally

Good going, GOP. You guys have some real winners here.

Featured image via screen capture from Katy Tur Twitter

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