Inspired By Brexit, Texas Conservatives Push For ‘Texit’ Secession From United States

The global financial markets are still in a tailspin following the news that UK voters decided to leave the European Union in a referendum known as “Brexit.” The vote was in response to a right-wing propaganda campaign that blamed immigrants and “globalization” as the basis of Great Britain’s ills. In less than 24 hours, the consequences are already hitting the world hard. But America’s homegrown nationalists are thrilled. Following the vote that will almost surely lead to dissolution of the United Kingdom as it has been known for 300 years, Texas secessionists are pushing for their state to introduce their own plans to leave their own union. They call it “Texit” – and it’s as dumb as you might imagine.

According to the many in the UK, a ton of those who voted for leaving the European Union are regretting it (and it’s only been a day), but American conservatives are pumping fists in the air. Sarah Palin, never one to let her lack of intelligence get in the way of a strong opinion, praised the move as comparable to the Declaration of Independence. Pro-Trump conservative website Breitbart made it about…well… Trump.

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And in Texas, serious discussions began taking place about whether this meant they could secede from the nation.

It is past time that the people of Texas had their say on our continued relationship with the Union and its sprawling Federal bureaucracy,” said Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, in a statement Friday.

Miller’s group is “formally calling on” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to support a “Texit” vote for Texans.

The scary thing? Texas Gov. Greg Abbott might be crazy enough to actually give into this hysteria. On Fox News, Abbott seemed to suggest that it was a possibility.

And Abbott has shown signs of pandering to his fringe-right followers since becoming governor. Last year, he earnestly entertained the idea that President Obama was sending federal troops to “invade” Texas under the pretense of a fake military training exercise known as Jade Helm. Allow that to sink in: The Governor of Texas believed the President of the United States was going to attack Texas.

It might go without saying, but Texas seceding from the United States would be a disaster for Texans. Despite all the bluster about the “tyranny” of federal government, Texas citizens have gotten used to having roads and bridges and schools. They’ve also grown fond of federal aid dollars when there is a natural disaster. Sen. Ted Cruz, an anti-government conservative from the state, has repeatedly begged Obama to give him emergency aid during times of crisis. All of that money would dry up if Texas decides to go its own way.

But in the face of this, Texas secessionists are undeterred. According to their own count, they’ve convinced over 250,000 people to sign a petition asking that the chance to leave the United States be put to a statewide vote. Incidentally, you now have a handy list of the dumbest 250,000 people in the state.

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