Infamously Anti-Gay ‘Memories Pizza’ Tricked Into Catering A Big Gay Wedding (VIDEO)

By now, everyone surely remembers the firestorm that came out of Indiana this summer when, Gov. Mike Pence, essentially signed the legalization of discrimination against LGBTQ people into law with his Religious Freedom Restoration act. Amid ferocious blowback, Pence effectively flushed his political career down the toilet, especially once he it came out that he signed the bill into law surrounded by a bunch of known, rabid homophobes.

At the center of that firestorm was a little pizzeria run by Christian bigots called, “Memories Pizza.” They proudly and publicly said that no, they’d never cater a gay wedding out of their Christian establishment. Well, all of that has changed now. An awesomely clever gay couple, Robin Trevino and Jason Delgatto, made sure that they couldn’t hold on to their bigoted stance, by tricking them into catering their wedding.

Trevino and Delgatto pulled off the feat in style, too– as part of a comedy act that Trevino performs with, called GayCoEnsemble, which was roaming the country in a celebratory performance called 50 States of Gay. Trevino made the special trip to the town of Walkerton, which is the home of the hateful pizza shop.

He happily ordered pies from the Jesus hate- soaked owner, Crystal O’Connor, without telling her that they were for a celebration of his union with his husband. The best part, though, is the aftermath. At their wedding celebration with loved ones, Trevino stood  up and announced what he had done, saying, “Memories Pizza said that they would not ever cater a gay wedding.” He went on to announce:

Memories Pizza just catered a gay wedding.

You see, this was a renewal of the happy couple’s vows. They’d had a ceremony back in 2008, but it was not legal. Then, they got a license in Iowa later. However, this renewal was the first time they were able to have a legal ceremony, with a legal marriage, to be celebrated with all their loved ones. And they stuck it to the haters at the same time.

Way to kill two birds with one stone, guys! We wish you all the happiness in the world, and thank you so much for your shot at the homophobes at Memories Pizza.

Watch the awesome video, below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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