Indiana Lawmakers Fold, Add Anti-Discrimination Language To RFRA

It was such a glorious win for Republican bigots in Indiana, wasn’t it?  They got to show the nation that they weren’t going to be forced to treat people as equals if they didn’t feel like it.

An ignorant sentiment that looks like it was extremely short-lived.

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Governor Mike Pence went out of his way to defend the atrocity he signed into law, comparing it to a federal version more than twenty years old and to versions enacted in a majority of states.  The problem was, those laws all came with anti-discrimination protections that the Indiana law purposely did not.

Indiana’s law was about discrimination, plain and simple.

After the rest of the country spoke out, Indiana lawmakers held their heads in shame and announced Thursday morning that they will be introducing language to the controversial law that will say that no one will “be able to discriminate against anyone at any time.”

It wasn’t their moral fiber or good intentions that made the change possible, it was the American people, American business leaders and decency in general overwhelmingly supporting the gay community the law was aimed at that pulled this trigger.

Indiana House Speaker (R) said, “Hoosier hospitality had to be restored.”

Senate President David Long (R) said the bill “was never meant to discriminate.”

That must be why when George Stephanopoulos asked Governor Pence if it was legal to discriminate, the Governor refused to answer, instead accusing the reporter of adding to the hype surrounding the bill.

A simple “no” and a promise to clarify the language would have most likely put the issue to bed, but Pence instead stuck to his guns, saying anti-discrimination language “was not on his agenda.”

The good people of Indiana can rest easy now knowing that the imbeciles they elected are trying to restore their state’s good name. Hopefully come election time they won’t forget what these people put their state through in the interest of “Christian beliefs and values” and vote them out.

One thing is for certain, Mike Pence has all but destroyed any chance he may have had at a presidential bid.

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