Increasingly Unhinged Trump Accuses Fire Marshal At Rally Of Being Pro-Hillary For Doing Their Job

Donald Trump has lost his mind. He just accused a Fire Marshal of being a Hillary Clinton supporter for doing their job and preventing Trump from putting lives on the line for his ego. Don’t be fooled, though, this was a “problem” that appears orchestrated at every step.

When keeping people safe and doing your job to prevent mass casualties in the event of an emergency is listed by the GOP nominee as “why our country doesn’t work,” that is, unavoidably, unacceptable behavior. However, when he accused the Fire Marshal protecting those attending his rally in Colorado of being a Hillary Clinton supporter, that enters the realm of completely unhinged and warped behavior.

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Fire Marshals are tasked with enforcing rules designed to save lives, like the lives of the people crammed into the Gallogly Event Center at the University of Colorado, something that Trump seemingly has no concern for. Maximum Occupancy isn’t some random number of people plucked from the air to annoy him. The IBC (International Building Code) uses the available exits and how many people can get out quickly to calculate the number of people allowed to be in a building.

This to prevent tragedies like the Great White concert in 2003 that killed over 100 people in an over-capacity night club. Trump should know, it was close to home for him, in Rhode Island.

Blaming the Fire Marshal for doing his or her job literally only served to shift the hostility of attendees turned away from him for booking TOO SMALL A SPACE because the Gallogly Event Center only holds 1500 people. Then he focused it on Hillary, and call the acts of the Fire Marshal problematic for the country, because why not?

1500 people. Trump’s rallies have consistently drawn large throngs of people, angry, white, and hateful people mostly, but the point is this: there is no way Trump himself didn’t know that this venue would result in the crowd not fitting. They were prepared with screens for the “overflow crowd,” and using a smaller place than you think you will need is a standard planning trick to make an event seem even larger.

To then take that blame, from a problem that was pretty easily avoided by booking a space large enough for his expected crowd, and shift it to his opponent and the government? That, right there, is the huckster in him, the flim-flam man making a sale off a lie and deviously created opportunity.

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