Income Inequality Summed Up With One Brilliant Meme…And A Touch Of Snark (IMAGE)

Why is it so hard for the Republican base to see what their own party is doing to them? You’ve probably heard the phrase “rich people paying rich people to convince middle class people to hate poor people.”

That pretty much says it all. The uber-rich one percenters pay propagandists like Fox News, The Cato Group, The Heritage Foundation and countless others to spread the message that the middle-class is dying because it’s footing the bill for the poor.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is, greed and an ever-increasing income inequality in our country make it impossible for the poor to break free from their bonds. The middle class shrinks, not because they’re moving on up to the East Side, but because they’re joining the ranks toeing the poverty line.

This meme, posted on Join the Coffee Party Movement, has gone viral because it tells a very simple story that all Americans can understand, and ends with some sarcasm aimed at the rhetoric of the GOP:

Absolutely perfect.

Nothing enrages the working American more than being called lazy. From a social standpoint, the one percenters who gobble up the income in this country spend more time vacationing and lounging around in a month than the average American will in a decade.

While they sock the cash their workers earn for them away in vaults in the Caymans, the taxpayer is left to pay for the needs of the 300 million people who aren’t ridiculously wealthy.

If you’re making a good living, you’re paying even more.  It isn’t until you reach that miraculous “major campaign donor” status that your income increases exponentially, you have a congressman on speed dial, and your taxes go down to a smaller percentage than the woman who walks your dog pays.

This chart from the Congressional Budget Office shows just how the rich have stolen America since the dawn of trickle down economics. Republican Saint Ronnie Reagan is ultimately to thank for it, but strategists like the ever-slimy Grover Norquist and Carl Rove keep the ball rolling uphill for the wealthy.

No, this isn’t the natural evolution of wealth, this isn’t the poor lazy liberals trying to redistribute what the wealthy have “earned,” this is plain and simple fact, easily read, no interpretation needed.

The solutions could be just as simple, if congress weren’t such a cowardly lot, afraid of losing their power. Pay the people who do the work what they’re worth. Stop the insane thinking that deficits as a result of tax breaks are OK. Force the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes: close the loopholes that allow them to steal our future. Stop giving billions of dollars to companies that already show billions in profit.

You know, common sense.

H/T: Join the Coffee Party Movement | Image: Wikipedia

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