In Sad Attempt To Appear Relevant, Ted Cruz Spoofs Iconic 90s Movie To Bash Hillary Clinton

Well, the Ted Cruz campaign has apparently called the Democratic primary and they think Hillary Clinton is the winner. At least, that’s what all things point to with the launch of a Cruz for President attack ad  against the former Secretary of State.

In the 58-second video, the campaign parodies the infamous printer scene from the 1999 dark comedy “Office Space” and created a spoof ad which depicts Clinton and two staffers destroying an email server. Using the music from the Geto Boys’ “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta,” the campaign dubs the track with their version of the song titled “It Feels Good To Be A Clinton.”

The Geto Boys tweeted their response to the ad nearly immediately after the launch:

The video was released on YouTube. You can read the lyrics below:

Damn it feels good to be a Clinton.
A shameless politician plays her cards right.
Got a crew for the fights on the airwaves.
Lap dogs in the press keep their mouths tight.

Cause a Clinton never needs to explain what.
Why it is what they’ve done or with who.
A real Clinton knows they’re entitled.
You don’t get to know what they do.

What difference does it make for a Clinton.
What’s loaded in some fat oppo file.
A Clinton plays the victim for promotion.
A Clinton kills it off with a smile.

Damn it feels good to be a Clinton.
A server full of secrets ain’t no thing.
Damn it feels good to be a Clinton.
Nothing ever hits with a sting.

Watch Ted Cruz’s sad attempt at internet relevance, here:

Featured image via video screen capture


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