In Memory: Watch Mario Cuomo Completely SHRED Reagan In Epic 1984 Speech (VIDEO)

With the passing of former Democratic New York Governor Mario Cuomo, a video has resurfaced of his 1984 Democratic National Convention.

Governor Cuomo’s speech propelled him into a household name. In it, he ripped on then-President Ronald Reagan for ignoring the needs of the lower- and middle-class.

In his speech, Cuomo attacked Reagan for creating two different Americas — one where the rich thrived, and the poor struggled to survive.

It was a speech that would set the direction for the Democratic Party for the next 30-plus years.

Many hoped that Governor Cuomo would run for President.

Ultimately, Cuomo decided against a Presidential run, choosing instead to focus on budgetary issues in New York.

Some notable quotes from his speech include:

Ten days ago, President Reagan admitted that although some people in this country seemed to be doing well nowadays, others were unhappy, even worried, about themselves, their families, and their futures. The President said that he didn’t understand that fear. He said, ‘Why, this country is a shining city on a hill.’ And the President is right. In many ways we are a shining city on a hill.

But the hard truth is that not everyone is sharing in this city’s splendor and glory. A shining city is perhaps all the President sees from the portico of the White House and the veranda of his ranch, where everyone seems to be doing well. But there’s another city; there’s another part to the shining the city; the part where some people can’t pay their mortgages, and most young people can’t afford one; where students can’t afford the education they need, and middle-class parents watch the dreams they hold for their children evaporate.

In this part of the city there are more poor than ever, more families in trouble, more and more people who need help but can’t find it. Even worse: There are elderly people who tremble in the basements of the houses there. And there are people who sleep in the city streets, in the gutter, where the glitter doesn’t show. There are ghettos where thousands of young people, without a job or an education, give their lives away to drug dealers every day. There is despair, Mr. President, in the faces that you don’t see, in the places that you don’t visit in your shining city.

In fact, Mr. President, this is a nation — Mr. President you ought to know that this nation is more a ‘Tale of Two Cities’ than it is just a ‘Shining City on a Hill.’

Maybe, maybe, Mr. President, if you visited some more places; maybe if you went to Appalachia where some people still live in sheds; maybe if you went to Lackawanna where thousands of unemployed steel workers wonder why we subsidized foreign steel. Maybe — Maybe, Mr. President, if you stopped in at a shelter in Chicago and spoke to the homeless there; maybe, Mr. President, if you asked a woman who had been denied the help she needed to feed her children because you said you needed the money for a tax break for a millionaire or for a missile we couldn’t afford to use.

You know, the Republicans called it ‘trickle-down’ when Hoover tried it. Now they call it ‘supply side.’ But it’s the same shining city for those relative few who are lucky enough to live in its good neighborhoods. But for the people who are excluded, for the people who are locked out, all they can do is stare from a distance at that city’s glimmering towers.

You can watch Governor Mario Cuomo’s entire speech below.


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