In His SC Victory Speech, Trump Told These HUGE Lies About Hispanics And Obamacare (VIDEO)

Another GOP primary down, another Donald Trump victory, and another of his opponents bites the dust. With his win in South Carolina, Trump is still a long way from the nomination, but if the trend of the early primaries and caucuses continues he will go into the Republican convention with an overwhelming lead in delegates.

There’s another category in which Trump dominates as well — “Pants On Fire” lies. According to the fact-checking site Politifact, nobody else comes close to the number of whoppers that have been told by The Donald. And it doesn’t matter to his supporters that he lies, because he is obviously telling them what they want to hear.

Politifact says that 19 percent of Trump’s statements they have evaluated qualify as “Pants On Fire,” the worst rating you can get. Another 39 percent were rated as “False.” Compare that to Marco Rubio, who received a “False” rating from Politifact 16 percent of the time, and a “Pants On Fire” rating on only three percent of his statements. Even pathological liar Rafael “Ted” Cruz comes out better than Trump. Politifact rated 32 percent of Cruz’s statements “False,” with seven percent earning “Pants On Fire.”

During his South Carolina victory speech, Trump added another “Pants On Fire” lie to his resume when he told the crowd this:

I have thousands and thousands of Hispanics — I lead with the Hispanics. I’m leading in every poll with Hispanics. They love me, I love them.

Actually that statement may not earn Trump another “Pants On Fire,” because what he said would amazingly be partially true if he had used a couple of different words. Despite the presence of two candidates with Hispanic names — Rubio and Cruz — a Florida Atlantic University poll found that Trump has the support of over 54 percent of Hispanic Republicans. But that’s only in one poll, in one state — Florida. So even with that caveat Trump still isn’t exactly telling the truth.

Nationally, Trump has an 80 percent unfavorable rating among Hispanics, and his rhetoric calling for building a border wall, which he repeated during his South Carolina victory speech, is probably not going to win over anybody in that group.

Trump also lied about Obamacare while promising to abolish it if he is elected. He said,

Look at the increases in your Obamacare. 25, 35, 45 even 55 percent. It’s dead. It’s not working.

Who knows where Trump got his numbers on that? Because the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation looked at premium increases for health insurance policies purchased on the exchanges, and found 2016 premium increases for the “benchmark” Silver plans were an average of 10.1 percent over 2015. Yes, there were large premium increases in a few states, but in most areas increases were modest, and in 12 states the average cost of that benchmark plan actually went down. Only one state, Tennessee, saw an increase of over 35 percent, and there were none where premiums increased by 45 or 55 percent, as Trump claimed.

Trump lies, and his audience eats up every word. You actually have to give the man credit. Because whether or not he truly believes the things he says, or whether he has discovered that playing to xenophobia and bigotry is the way to get the GOP nomination, he knows what buttons to push. And the largely uninformed Fox News and right-wing media consuming Republican electorate is more than happy to let him push them.

Here’s video of Trump’s South Carolina victory speech, via YouTube:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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