In A New Op-Ed, Mike Huckabee Lays Out His Plan To Fight Supreme Court Over Gay Marriage

Once gay marriage was ruled the law of the land, most adults went back to their daily lives. Mike Huckabee, however, is not a normal adult. He spoke out against the ruling shortly after it was announced and, in a Fox News op-ed published on Thursday, continued to rail against it, outlining the steps he would take to prevent it if elected president.

Huckabee unhinged

Huckabee has not had much luck with his most recent campaign. Trying to court the hard right-wing vote has likely cost him the vote of anyone who’s been paying attention.

In May, Huckabee stepped up to defend Josh Duggar, who was then embroiled in a scandal. Duggar had been accused of molesting his sisters and another girl, all while they were minors. Huckabee stepped into the mess, saying, “Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things.”

Then, the revelation hit that Huckabee’s co-author was facing lawsuits for molesting a minor as well.

Just when it seemed like Mike Huckabee was going to shake those two things, the Supreme Court dropped the Obamacare ruling. Huckabee decried the Obamacare ruling, calling it an “out-of-control act of judicial tyranny,” but was left with little more than impotent rage, like much of the right-wing.

Huckabee’s three-step plan to losing a general election

Huckabee didn’t have but a day to sort through that ruling before the SCOTUS dropped the marriage equality ruling, leaving him in a daze. An ardent opponent of same-sex marriage, he signed the civil disobedience pledge at, and told Fox News in May that only Congress has the power to change federal laws.

In his most recent Fox News op-ed, Huckabee recycled the previous language, calling the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality “an out-of-control act of judicial tyranny” by “five unelected lawyers.”

He vowed executive orders to defend “religious liberty,” and outlined a three-headed approach that would start the first day of his administration.

First, Huckabee said he would sign “religious liberty orders” to protect the rights of various businesses, churches, and other groups to discriminate. Then, Huckabee said he would direct the attorney general to prosecute attacks against people who oppose gay marriage as hate crimes. His last step would be to prevent military chaplains from having to carry out same-sex marriages.

So, for those following along at home — his first step is to reaffirm that discrimination against gays is legal, his second is to make sure it happens, and his third is to punish soldiers who happen to be gay by leaving them at the mercy of bigoted chaplains.

It’s an awful lot of words to let the rest of the world know he needs a sippy cup and and a nap, don’t you agree?

Featured image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons

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