FLASHBACK: In 3 Minutes Hillary Says More Of Substance Than Trump Has In His Entire Campaign! (VIDEO/Op-Ed)

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been involved in politics for, basically, her entire adult life. This is a doubled edged sword in some ways, as any missteps, youthful idiocy, or whoopsies are all cemented in the public record to be seized upon and flaunted by her opponents. As the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, it is entirely possible that we will see an HRC vs. TRUMP race for the presidency in 2016.

How Trump has become a viable option for President when he uses chapter 11 like prostitutes use moist towelettes is beyond me, but we may actually see it.

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Trump has admitted that he doesn’t really know what he needs to know to be President, but has even gone so far as to intimate that he will learn what he needs to know once he is elected. 

While Hillary has been the target of several scandals, most proven false beyond a doubt, she has a solid record of accomplishments that are there for us to see. However, it seems that Trump’s campaign has been based on what appears to be… nothing. Well, nothing other than hot air and hubris, blustering and bravado plus a little added fear-mongering for flavor. It seems every time he opens his mouth he says something about how great a negotiator he is or about how he is going to fix the broken American dream – but he NEVER honestly says how.

In this comedic interview with Hamish and Andy in Australia, 5 years ago, HRC says more of substance about her style of negotiation and foreign policy than Trump has actually said in his entire campaign:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xlCNf0MwCU&w=854&h=480]

Feature image via video capture from YouTube.

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