In 1986, Frank Zappa Predicted The 2016 GOP Presidential Field (VIDEO)

Frank Zappa died in 1993, but like George Carlin, was prescient, especially when it came to politics. Nearly 30 years ago, Zappa appeared on the show Crossfire (not the Tucker Carlson version that was effectively eviscerated by Jon Stewart). This one starred Tom Braden on the left — who is better known as the real-life dad behind the show Eight is Enough — and the very sour faced and buttoned-up Robert Novak.

On the show, they discussed sex in popular culture and of course all the panelists, with the exception of Zappa. Even with the almost unanimous disgust, the panel discussed whether the government should ban the sale of records (yes, there were records back then) with provocative lyrics and movies that show sexuality.

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Zappa, not surprisingly, was against any sort of censorship. Zappa, which might be surprising, called himself a “conservative.” The entire panel, except for Zappa, was obsessed with a straw man “problem” of incest in the United States and all seemed to advocate having the government ban anything they think advocates incest.

Further on in the show, Zappa nails it when he said that the biggest threat to America is not communism (insert Islam today), but that we’re moving toward a “fascist theocracy.” Well, to many on the right, we’re there.

Here’s that clip:

And here’s the entire show. It’s really worth a listen.

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