Ignorant Simpleton Sarah Palin Just Called President Obama Stupid–Yes, That Sarah Palin

As we are all aware, national laughing-stock and eternally idiotic Sarah Palin has no business calling anyone stupid unless their names are Bristol or Track. She broke that rule on Facebook recently when she called — now get this — President Obama “a special kind of stupid.” Yes, this is the same Sarah Palin who told us all about Paul Revere saving America when the British came to take away the 2nd Amendment 15 years before it was written; the same Sarah Palin who stutters her way through obviously drunken speeches and incoherent rants.

She is, after all, Sarah Palin: four or five fries short of a happy meal and several IQ points short of double digits. So why did she call the president stupid? Because of Orlando, of course:


Well then…It would appear that the queen of the quitters has herself some issues. She’s all kinds of upset about the Obama administration’s assault on the second amendment. You know, the one that has always been about background checks and keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists? Palin’s rhetorical “law-abiding citizen” crap is so overdone even the NRA abandoned it and caved to logic and common sense. And, no, dufus, President Obama didn’t demand an explanation from anyone other than the Republican senators who repeatedly block common sense gun laws about anything.

The truth doesn’t matter, though, does it, Sarah? You claim that we should demand answers from all of the followers of Islam because “all gun owners” are under siege by the guy who couldn’t care less how many guns you have as long as you’re legal and safe. What answers do you want from “followers of Islam?” What will it matter what they have to say? They’ve been telling idiots like you since the 1960s that they don’t condone terrorism, but because they have dark skin and call God “Allah,” you and the rest of the Christian zealots have demonized them all.

I have news for you, Palin: If a billion Muslims were all evil followers of a twisted version of Islam, we’d have all been dead a long time ago.

You have to especially love the ending where she determines that domestic policy isn’t the job of the president and that he should engage in “Islamic terrorist control.” More news, stupid: He not only engages in Islamic terrorism control more efficiently than his predecessors, he’s also had to deal with domestic terrorism, which comes in the form of the Dylann Roof’s of America; people you and your ridiculous ideologies created.

It’s time for you to go put on your fake judge’s robe and decide which hillbilly gets custody of the liquor cabinet in the divorce.

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