Ignorant Georgia Sheriff Installs HUGE ‘Politically Incorrect’ Welcome Sign (IMAGE)

A sheriff in Georgia is apparently really, really proud of his ignorance. He is so proud, in fact, that he paid for a sign to be erected in his town that says as much.

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley paid to have a “politically incorrect” sign in the front of the sheriff’s department that says:

Welcome to Harris County, Georgia! WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust; We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you… LEAVE!

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Clearly, the dumbass sheriff is another typical Republican who thinks that offending people is the cool thing to do. First of all, there is no war on Christmas. People do not say “Happy Holidays” because they hate Santa, they say it because they respect the billions of people throughout the world who do NOT recognize Christmas as the day Jesus was born. Secondly, “In God We Trust” wasn’t even adopted until 1956. The only reason it was ever adopted was because the government afraid of the Soviet Union and the atheism they believed in.

Furthermore, nobody has a problem with anybody supporting the troops or saluting the flag. In fact, liberals are so supportive of the troops that we do not believe in just sending them off to war because our buddies in the military industrial complex need some cash.

In defense of the sign, Jolley said:

Over the years, I’ve witnesses the silent majority grow and as a true patriot and Christian, I felt it was time for the silent majority to speak up. I truly believe what’s on the sign.

True Christians are tolerant of other people. True patriots do not treat their fellow Americans like garbage because they do not believe in the same God you do. But Republicans wouldn’t know this because frankly they have no idea what it means to be American and this ignorant sign proves that.


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