If You’re Worried About Spending Thanksgiving With Your Trump Loving Family, This Might Help (VIDEO)

This election season and the overall result has been very stressful for all of us. In past election years, I have had anxiety attacks just thinking about having to spend the holidays with people who love to bring up politics and start fights at the dinner table. But this year has been much worse because I KNOW that many of my friends, immediate family and in-laws alike did the unthinkable and voted for Trump. I might even have to endure sitting across from a redneck in-law who decided it would be appropriate to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat at the table.

But, then I came across this video and I thought – you know what? Wine! Wine cures everything! (Just kidding, but it will help today.)

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Even if you aren’t a drinker…I guess the Holderness Family wanted to point out that despite our differences, there is still food, family and football to talk about. Also, the break-up of “Brangelina!”

So, watch this video and try not to make any of your friends and relatives cry (or feel extra stupid) this year.


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