If Trump’s Campaign Sent You An Unsolicited Text, Now You Can Sue Him

For the nearly 60% of Americans who say they will never vote for Donald Trump, the idea of getting annoying text messages from his campaign without their consent is criminal. Now they want to make it officially so.

A group of understandably angry Chicagoans have filed a motion to certify a class action lawsuit against Trump’s campaign in an effort to get the Republican nominee to stop sending them awful texts – sometimes late into the night. And law experts say they have real standing to sue. Under the “Telephone Consumer Protection Act,” Congress made it clear that campaigns are not allowed to endlessly bug voters with unsolicited messages. Trump’s campaign has been ignoring that.

Dan Abram’s law website Law Newz obtained one such example:


As Law Newz noted:

The original lawsuit, which was filed by Joshua Thorne in April, asked for monetary damages and for the Trump campaign to “cease sending text messages to wireless phones, through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system without prior express consent.” Another Illinois resident David Roberts filed a similar claim. In June, they filed a motion to consolidate the cases. And on Thursday, they asked federal judge John Lee to certify the case as a class action.

Should the federal judge approve the lawsuit, other members of the public will  able to join in as well. Here’s how to tell if you are one of them according to the complaint:

All individuals: (a) to whom, within the last four years of the filing of this action, Defendant Donald J. Trump For President, Inc. (“Defendant”) sent a non-emergency telephone SMS message to the individuals’ cellular telephones through the use of an automatic dialing system; and (b) who did not voluntarily provide their cellular numbers to Defendant for it to send them SMS messages regarding Donald J. Trump’s political campaign.

Trump, who famously stiffs nearly everybody he comes into contact with, may be headed for a day of reckoning. The look on his face when his “self-funded” campaign has to pay out damages to an untold number of very pissed off voters will be worth its weight in gold.

Trump’s camp has, of course, aggressively denied any wrongdoing. According to his attorneys, these texts are free speech.

In what could be a major twist, the federal judge appointed to rule on the class action lawsuit is an immigrant from Germany, and given Trump’s hatred of both immigrants and judges, look for a new round of anti-immigrant bashing should the ruling not go his way.

In the meantime, save any unsolicited texts you get from Trump’s campaign. If they meet the criteria, you could end up a plaintiff in The People v Trump.

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