If This Doesn’t Convince Bloomberg No One Likes Him Nothing Will

Last week, it was revealed that former New York City Mayor and Wall Streeter Michael Bloomberg was thinking of getting into the presidential race. It was as if the collective world of politics all sighed and rolled our eyes all at once.

Let’s be realistic here, Bloomberg is awful. Over the course of his 12 years in office, his fortune ballooned sevenfold, from $4.5 to $32 billion. At the same time, New Yorkers living in poverty increased to 46 percent.  50,000+ people now crowd New York City’s homeless shelters all while Bloomberg was trying to turn the city into a “luxury brand.” Nothing could be a better example than income inequality than the former Mayor and the 60 percent of the 3 million citizens who earn less than $35,000 a year which is hardly luxurious.

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Perhaps that is the reason that democrats are sending a resounding message to Bloomberg not to run. New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen understands fully what third parties do to the ticket. She told The Hill

I’ve been around long enough to remember third-party candidates. I remember when [former Illinois Republican Rep. John] Anderson ran in 1980 and he got less than 10 percent of the vote. I remember when Ross Perot ran. I don’t care how much money you have, running a third party candidacy is very challenging.

But the most hilarious development in this story is the recent poll numbers Bloomberg Politics did for Bloomberg that shows his favorability numbers so low they’re like when the grass is flattened by the steaming cowpie that flattens it. The survey showed just 17 percent of Democrats and 9 percent of Republicans had a “favorable” view of him. I’m shocked it is even that high.

Reuters released numbers as well pointing out that an independent run by Bloomberg would help Donald Trump in his run for the White House.

In a matchup between Trump and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, adding Bloomberg’s name to the ballot would trim Clinton’s lead over Trump to six percentage points from 10, according to the poll conducted from Jan. 23 to Jan. 27.

In a Trump versus Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders matchup, adding Bloomberg would erode Sanders’ lead over Trump to seven points from 12, the poll results showed.

Does Bloomberg really want to risk making Donald Trump the President of the United States? Does his ego really need to be stroked that much? Why can’t these billionaires just be happy with their money and leave the rest of us alone? We’d be better off for it.


Feature image via CAP/Flickr.

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