If This 47 Seconds Of Dubyah Doesn’t Convince You To Never Vote GOP, Nothing Will (VIDEO)

Former Buffoon-in-Chief George W. Bush has never been — and, pathetically, probably will never be — held accountable for the incredible screw-ups of his administration. From the botching of the intelligence reports on 9/11 to allowing Cheney to pull his strings so he could fulfill his Daddy’s legacy and get him some Saddam, to his final act of crashing the economy as he stepped back into civilian life, George W. Bush’s failures will go unanswered for.

This video shows Bush laughing at his failures, because really, what else can he do? He could admit it and go down in history as a failure with some dignity, but that won’t ever happen. No, Dubyah will instead make crude jokes about an administration responsible for literally hundreds of thousands of deaths. From the 3000 killed on 9/11 , the 5000 servicemen lost to illegal wars to the no less than 100,000 Iraqi civilians who lost there lives for incompetence and profit, George Bush’s legacy is one of loss and pain.

And that was before he tanked the economy.

At least he thinks it’s funny. If this video doesn’t convince you, or help you convince others, that another Republican, especially another Bush, is a pathway to disaster, nothing will.

Featured image via screen capture

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