If It’s Sunday, It’s Meet The Republicans

If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press — and another opportunity for the GOP to distract the American people from six years of policies which have accomplished absolutely nothing (while thumbing their noses at women, veterans and the poor). That, and standing in the way of any efforts to help America out of our Great Recession (while protecting Wall Street, big banks, and corporate donors who continue to dream up new ways to keep profits out of circulation here at home). Mad yet? You should be.

RNC carnival barker Reince Priebus did his best Groucho Marx for NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” Why would you think actual Republican policies might be part of their discussion? Silly voter — facts are for Democrats. Any race polling within the margin of error (many just two or three points apart) is a ‘clear win’ on Meet the Press — ” … the question for us is, you know, are we gonna win with six, seven or eight seats.” See? Easy peasy.

Reince also spent time patiently explaining how all of the various factions within the GOP/TEA caucus are now — amazingly (and just “coincidentally” that we’re one month out from the election) — “a unified party.” Really? Pay no attention to the gridlock and infighting we’ve watched since 2010. That’s all in the past, now that the right is rolling out a new and improved PR campaign: “Principles for American Renewal.” We’re for growing the economy! (insert sfx cheering crowd) We’re for healthcare reform! (insert sfx cheering crowd) Look at our Congressional record (insert sfx crickets chirping)

Republicans won’t tell you these platitudes mask plans to continue protecting corporate tax loopholes, offshore American jobs, or move American companies elsewhere (while continuing to enjoy all the benefits of an American workforce, infrastructure and resources, without having to contribute to our tax base).

People made a lot of noise when news that Burger King was looking to merge with a Canadian company (and move their tax burdens away from our U.S. Treasury) got out. Here’s a question: why didn’t we hear the same level of protest when Halliburton moved their HQ to Dubai (and kept all of those cozy no-bid contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense)?

Look — Reince is a water-boy; it’s his job to claim that “it’s gonna be a pretty bad year for Democrats.” Perhaps — but that constant harangue trumpeted by media is unfair, it’s bad reporting, and it’s disillusioning for people living in competitive districts. None of these political contests are decided — despite what national media might have you believe. YOU and I determine the winners in these races at the ballot box. Sadly, most news outlets are serving up a heaping helping of “why bother” at the moment. Well here’s your steaming cup of STFU, Chuck Todd.

Where’s the Sunday morning report highlighting that competitive race in Iowa, between Representative Bruce Braley and Tea Party newcomer, Joni Ernst? Since national news programs broadcast gloom and doom for Democrats, you’d never know Congressman Braley delivered what might be the best line of the election season so far — a coup de grâce during a televised debate he clearly won. “I’m not going to owe President Obama anything on Election Day. You’re (Ms. Ernst) going to owe the Koch brothers everything.” Booyah!

In Wisconsin, where Scott Walker’s numbers look encouraging (don’t ask me — people can be stupid at times), the push-back is focused on blunting the GOP’s war on women. The National Republican Senatorial Committee recommended, and Governor Walker (actually a group coordinating with his campaign, without *actually* donating to “the campaign” [wink wink]) is airing commercials which detail a violent, graphic story of domestic abuse — with a tagline directly from the battered spouse: “today I am fighting for Scott Walker.”

Did you get that? Women can just ignore Republican efforts to block legislation to guarantee equal pay; put closing women’s health clinics out of their mind for a month or so; and let’s pretend it wasn’t the Republicans who stopped reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. They’re the good guys — honest! And they have a standing invitation on Sunday morning to pretend their lies are true.

Conservative brains light up like a Christmas tree when presented with fear-based messages (science for the win). The pro-Walker ad will be effective because it tickles that part of their lizard brain which they can’t control, and gives them a hero figure in Scott Walker. Ignore everything you know about Republicans — Scott is the only thing standing between this young mother of two, and another violent attack. Yes, that’s how it works.

In Kentucky — a race Alison Lundergan Grimes really can win — the Senate minority leader’s ad says “Mitch McConnell co-sponsored the original Violence Against Women Act — he’s always supported its purpose.” Fine — but meanwhile all eight GOP senators on the Judiciary Committee voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. They did that because immigrants, homosexuals, and Native Americans want protection, too. No — I’m really not kidding — that’s why they blocked it.

So thanks for trotting out that shiny new GOP plan for Americans to be distracted by just in time to cast their votes, Reince. I look forward to the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on ad campaigns that’ll saturate TV screens across the country over the next thirty days.

Say — here’s a thought: do you suppose the media’s insistence on promoting this GOP claptrap (which is really just free advertising), while ignoring SIX YEARS of Republican obstructionism, might have something to do with the FACT that they’re about to cash in on “hundreds of millions of dollars spent on ad campaigns that’ll saturate TV screens across the country over the next thirty days?” Bingo! Winner, winner — chicken dinner!

You’re welcome.

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