The Idiotic, Cause-Defeating Heroes Of The Right Wing (6 Memes)

Republican loyalists have a bad habit. To support their causes, they adopt heroes who later wind up to be villains.

And those Bat-Man-turns-into-The-Joker folks seem to have similar traits. They usually enter the public eye on a non-political basis, then become identified and associated with a conservative cause or belief, which improves their image to Republican voters, who then adopt them to be their spokesperson.

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But then the public learns something new about those persons – usually about their personal lives before they first entered the public eye – that sharply contrasts with the conservative beliefs that the public identifies with them. And which only defeats their causes even more.

Here’s a sample of the most recent heroes-come-villains that shot conservative followers in their feet, made by If You Only News contributor Rob Groce.

Kid Rock

Hailed for his defense of the Confederate flag

Image by Rob Groce

Image by Rob Groce

Sources: Rolling Out and Rolling Stone | Images: Skeeze via Pixabay and Rolling Stone

This comment on the Confederate flag was issued recently, right before South Carolina legislature’s decision to remove that Civil War symbol from its state house grounds. At least Kid Rock (whose stage name sounds identical to the street name for the drug he once sold) didn’t respond with the blatant racism others were offering at that same time.

Carrie Prejean

Praised for defending conservative religious stances and attacking “liberal media”

Image by Rob Groce

Image by Rob Groce

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN, and Regnery Publishing | Images: Mahanga via Wikipedia and YouTube

Oh, and by the way? In that vid? She was watching other porn videos.

Josh Duggar

Highly regarded for promoting conservative values in government through a religious organization’s PAC

Image by Rob Groce

Image by Rob Groce

Source: Washington Post | Image: ABC News via YouTube

And this just gets worse and worse. After learning of these incidents, his father sent Josh to an adolescent camp, run by a family friend, for counseling. The founder of that camp was later removed from its operation after allegations of sexual harassment, molestation, and failure to report child sexual abuse.

Daddy Jim Bob later brought his son to the office of an Arkansas state trooper – another family friend. Josh was only required to apologize for his actions, though. Even worse, that same trooper was later convicted on charges of child pornography.

And to top it off, Josh is today the father of four children.

Bristol Palin

Spokesperson for abstinence until marriage

Image by Rob Groce

Image by Rob Groce

Sources: People Magazine and Patheos | Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia

What’s really hypocritical is that Palin can’t make up her mind on this latest pregnancy, which she recently announced on a blog on June 28.

“None of us are perfect. I made a mistake,” she begins. That quickly changes to “This pregnancy was actually planned.” And in a later update, she complains “This is not the ideal situation(.)”

Bill Cosby

Justifier of racial prejudice

Image by Rob Groce

Image by Rob Groce

Sources: Bush White House, ABC News, and “The Wrap”  | Image: Public domain by U.S. Navy

“Fat Albert” was funny. Promoting education is good. But giving quaaludes to young women so you can molest them isn’t funny or good.

Ted Nugent

Spokesman of the National Rifle Association

Image by Rob Groce

Image by Rob Groce

Source: Spin | Image: Public domain via U.S. Navy

Of course, there are countless other questionable actions and statements from Nugent, ranging from racist to vulgar to xenophobic, that make it very hypocritical of the NRA to use him as its spokesman. He’s even been convicted for illegal hunting methods.

None of that matters to the NRA, though, as can be seen in its tolerance of other board members. They include Oliver North, who was convicted of selling weapons to Iran and giving the money to terrorists in Nicaragua, and once even (…drum roll…) Mr. Airport Men’s Room himself – Larry Craig. (Even after his 2007 sex scandal went viral through global media, Craig remained on the board until his term with the NRA expired in 2009.)

“Joe the Plumber”

Hero of the conservative and anti-labor union middle-class

Image by Rob Groce

Image by Rob Groce

Sources: and Toledo Blade | Images: Occupax via Wikipedia and UAW

This isn’t an attack on the change-of-heart from “Joe.” (In fact, we’re glad to have you onboard, brother!) His switch is, however, another example of how easily right-wingers will praise someone with presumption of shared values (in this case, anti-union), only to later learn that those values aren’t quite what they hoped.

Featured image from ABC News via YouTube

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