Idiotic Bundy Militia FLIPS OUT After ‘Discovering’ Gov Cameras…That Were Always There (VIDEO)

Well, it looks like the nitwits from Broke-Ass Mountain are at it again. Just when you thought Bundy’s moronic militia-men couldn’t possibly get any dumber, a new video has surfaced of the “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom” breaking bad on a surveillance camera they found nestled deep in the middle of the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve.

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Now let’s put aside for a moment the fact that the camera is in the middle of the woods, most likely installed by Park Services to watch for poachers and to track fires. The camera couldn’t possibly have been designed for the nefarious purpose of spying on the militia because the government doesn’t own three precogs and would have no way of knowing Bundy’s little group of toy soldiers would be in that area in the first place.

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And let’s also put aside the fact that the metal box, Bundy’s militia believes the government was using to camouflage their evil surveillance equipment, is attached to a pole in plain sight and the box itself was clearly marked “SCADA” which stands for “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.”

And let’s even put aside the fact that if the government truly wanted to destroy Bundy’s idiot insurgents they could take back the preserve anytime they wanted with extreme force — and it would be within their rights to do so. Anyone who films themselves committing a crime and then posts it on the internet is not someone any of us would want in charge on a houseplant, much less running their own nation.

As we head into day 16 of Bundy’s failed revolution, what strikes me most is the level of absolute delusion it must take to actually think you are fighting a war against the forces of tyranny, while completely ignoring the fact that no one in the community wants you there. What’s even funnier is that the government you claim is so egregiously oppressing you is actually letting you go on a crime spree while taking very little action to stop you.

One can only hope these paranoid as*holes get bored and go home before someone really gets hurt.


Featured image via video screenshot

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