Idiot Trump Fan Gets Educated After Making Racist Claim That Whites Work Harder Than Blacks (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that racism is part of Trump’s success; good ol’ fashioned xenophobia and fearmongering are the rest — because lord knows the man doesn’t have a substantive position on anything more than “Crooked Hillary” and “kick out Mexicans.”

This sort of politicking tends to draw a crowd of similar thinking people — we call them “white supremacists.” White supremacists make all sorts of weird and dated arguments to back up their spurious claim they’re superior because they lack melanin, but in a video making the rounds on the internet, one particular white supremacist and Trump supporter bit off more than they could chew.

“Work harder”

On Friday, Carlos Maza of Media Matters posted a video of two Trump supporters holding a Trump-Pence banner outside of the new hotel that Trump opened recently in Washington, D.C. You remember the hotel — it’s the one filled, from top to bottom, with goods from China and the Philippines.

While standing in front of the hotel, one of the young men suggested that “white people work harder” — a common racist canard that drives the “welfare queen” mythos Reagan made bank by tapping into — only get an earful by a nearby black man.

“You see these buildings down here? Black people built the buildings,” he said, gesturing to the buildings in downtown Washington and noting that the country itself was built on the back of black people’s free labor.

He continued:

“As soon as a white person steps into America, they have an advantage just by being white.”

Which is true. Being white does award you with a number of advantages. If you’re poor and white it might not feel like it, but you do have some. The biggest problem with poor and white people is that they consistently vote for the plantation politics that twisted their thinking in the first place.

A nearby white person stepped in, asking the Trump supporters if they actually know what it’s like to feel racial discrimination by invoking a reference to a teenage Trump supporter who claims he was booted out of a Trump rally for having dark skin:

“When you were a teenager… did you ever worry about being thrown out of rallies because of the color of your skin?”

They were forced to concede they had not.

But the frustrating thing here is that it probably didn’t even convince them that they were wrong, and they’ll head home and continue to espouse their idiot belief, so self-assured that they’re right this won’t even leave a mark on their psyches.

Watch the video below:

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