Idiot Right-Winger Says Conservatives Will Win Culture War By Out-Breeding; Here’s Why He’s Wrong

RedState editor-in-chief and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson is not an intelligent man. He’s the poster child for Idiocracy and comments like the most recent one he made, where he claimed that good Christian conservatives can out-breed the current winners of the culture war, don’t help his reputation.

Culture warriors

Erickson made his remarks while speaking at The Gospel & Politics conference, a conference hosted by the thus-far untaxed Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission in Nashville, Tennessee. The convention focused on the usual right-wing hobby horses — abortion, “religious liberty,” LGBT rights, etc. Erickson was promoted by ERLC president Russell Moore, who asked Erickson if the “culture wars” are over.

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Erickson didn’t think so, saying:

No, I don’t think the culture war is over primarily because the people who appear to be the victors right now are the least likely to procreate, so we will eventually breed them out of existence demographically. So the culture war continues and will continue. And I don’t mean to be flippant by that statement. But if you look at the demographic trends in this country, in the next 50 years, the country will be filled with young Christian Hispanic families who listen to country music, and that’s just — demographically, they’re our people.

Those Christian Hispanic families are mostly Catholic. If Ann Coulter and Donald Trump are any indication, those people are not your people. But that’s not the only way he’s wrong; let’s enumerate the ways.

You can’t out-breed gay people

If Erickson is speaking about gay people, he couldn’t be more wrong (yes, even more so than usual).

So long as there are people who have children, there will be people who have gay children. There’s a hereditary link for homosexuality that can be passed down from heterosexual parents; furthermore, sexual orientation is a polygenetic trait and epigenetics likely plays a role in. This means that not even genetic therapy that use retroviruses can “treat” it and primitive eugenics programs, which target only Mendelian traits and labor under the delusion that humans are pea pods, can’t “help” either.

As long as there are humans, there will be straight people, gay people and bisexual people. You want to get rid of gay and bisexual people? Get rid of humanity.

You can’t out-breed an ideology, either

If Erickson is claiming that conservatives are out-breeding liberals, he’s not entirely wrong, but it doesn’t guarantee the veracity of his point.

Polls on LGBT rights show that support for marriage equality has been a steady increase — not just among one group, but an across the board increase. The younger people are, the more likely they are to support marriage equality and disapprove of biases against their gay friends and relatives.

Furthermore, ideology isn’t genetic. There may be a predisposition based on personality type, but individuals do shift ideologies over time. Liberals could help further not by having more children, but by adapting social psychology when they argue with their opponents.

Liberals can also help by avoiding the typical stereotype of a conservative and not getting themselves caught in cognitive in-group, out-group biases.

Either way, though, Erickson is wrong. Not only is his own side working to ensure that the next generation of Hispanic immigrants will avoid the Republican label, but his extreme homophobia has blinded him. You can’t out-breed a polygenetic trait that may be present in everyone and you can’t out breed an ideology. And the last time someone tried this approach on “social undesirables,” it didn’t turn out so well.

The ERLC, meanwhile, hasn’t offered a comment about Erickson’s remarks.

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