Idiot Pastor Asks: How Would You Feel If Your Parents Aborted You? (Video)

What’s the answer to the question, “how would you feel if you were aborted?” It’s a question that’s bedeviled pro-choice advocates since — oh, wait, no it’s not, and the answer is simple: you wouldn’t feel and you wouldn’t care, because you wouldn’t be anything.

That hasn’t stopped Tennessee Pastor Ben Bailey from asking the question all the same, in a video posted online featuring the good pastor telling his flock that Christians must participate in electoral politics to make abortions illegal.

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“How would that make you feel?”

During his Sunday sermon, Pastor Bailey claimed that Christians must participate in electoral politics to eliminate abortion, lamented about laws that push back against conservative initiatives to punish women, and gave the IRS a really good reason to investigate his church, Gospel of Christ Ministries.

You might remember Bailey — he’s the guy who blamed “liberal society” for his inability to legally stone gay people.

Bailey said that Christians need to “vote against those ungodly measures,” referring to laws that fight against conservative encroachments against women’s rights. He urged his flock to “vote that those things would not be accepted and would not be right in the sight of our God.”

If their God doesn’t want to see it, he can just change the channel, like any other respectable adult.

Bailey then beseeched his audience to do something he clearly did not:

Think about this…Put yourself in this situation. What if your parents had decided to have an abortion? How would that make you feel? You wouldn’t have experienced life, the joy of life, the sadness, you wouldn’t have experienced that. You wouldn’t be here today, I wouldn’t be here today.

What if that were the case? We’ve got to kind of personalize this and not just see this in the abstract. This is personal, this is something that we each need to think about.

Let’s follow the pastor’s advice: Think about a person who was born colorblind. Think about all of the vividness that they’re missing in life. Some might want color vision, but do you think they miss color vision, and being able to experience color?

Most people are trichromats, meaning we have three types of color receptors. Does that mean we miss having four, like some people do?

I’ll be very clear: you cannot miss having something you never had, or miss doing something you never did.

In his effort to personalize the issue, the pastor revealed how parochial and narrow-minded his vision, and how egocentric his reality, actually is.

And why wouldn’t they be? His god is just as provincial, illiberal, narcissistic and self-centered as he is. Bailey worships a preening coward who hides behind threats of violence if you don’t do exactly what he tells you to — a bully, in other words, or a terrorist holding all of reality hostage. So why would it surprise anyone that a follower of this deity would be anything less than a pompous, self-serving bully as well?

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