‘I’d Bottom For Hillary’ Might Just Be The Best #Hillary2016 Campaign Ever

The horse race for the 2016 presidential bid is heating up for sure now, and Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton has some great support going already, even though she just announced her intention to run this past Sunday. Well, some gay guys in San Francisco have found an incredibly unique- and very gay- way to let the whole world know that they are gunning for the former Secretary of State to become America’s first female president: Tank tops with the slogan “I’d bottom for Hillary.”

Image Credit: Bottom For Hillary Instagram

Image Credit: Bottom For Hillary Instagram

The campaign was started in March by 23-year-old political activist by the name of Ryan, from San Francisco, California. Ryan explained in a phone interview with Fusion that the slogan is a nod of respect toward Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign:

With bottoming, there’s a lot that goes into it. A lot of homosexuals understand the concept. Bottoming for someone takes a lot of trust and understanding.

A lot Republicans follow the Instagram handle, and they think it’s satire. That’s kind of the same relationship that a lot of people have with Hillary Clinton.

Well, as a homosexual myself, I can say that Ryan is right. Despite the sexual innuendo/double entendre here, yes, bottoming takes a lot of trust and experience, and isn’t something one does for just anyone. So, this is, in it’s own risqué way, a very big compliment.

Ryan goes on to say that he came up with the idea because it is a perfect description of the hope, trust, and experience many people feel they have in their relationship with Hillary Clinton.

Again, he is right. The GOP can attack Hillary and drag up fake scandals from Benghazi to her private email to whatever else they think they have on her, but there is no one who is more trustworthy or qualified to be the POTUS who is a serious contender in this race at this time than Hillary Clinton. Certainly not the clowns who have emerged from the GOP clown car thus far.

Now, I’m headed over to BottomForHillary.com to order my T-shirt. You should, too.

H/T: The Gaily Grind | Featured Image: Bottom For Hillary Instagram via The Gaily Grind

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