Iconic Singer Billy Joel Mocks Donald Trump And Trump Mistakes It For A Compliment

Friday night, Billy Joel inflated Donald Trump’s ego while most everyone else was laughing at Trump’s narcissism:

At Billy Joel‘s concerts over the past year, the singer has often dedicated the performance of his 1974 single “The Entertainer” to Donald Trump, with one such shout-out occurring Friday night at Joel’s monthly gig at New York’s Madison Square Garden. While there is debate whether the dedication is genuine or in jest, Trump himself was appreciative of the Piano Man’s name-check.

Trump sent out a celebratory tweet.

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Billy Joel is notoriously shy about discussing his political views but he’s donated to Democratic politicians and raised money for Obama’s 2008 campaign. He’s not a screaming liberal and he doesn’t loudly endorse the Democrats but he’s clearly not a Republican. Remember, Billy Joel grew up with a single mother after an early divorce and grew up poor, relying on his own talent and drive to become a mega-star. Trump is pretty much the exact opposite and it’s pretty damn unlikely Joel would have anything but disdain for the rich snob.

But that won’t stop Trump from basking in Billy Joel’s “praise” because Trump is a monumental dumbass.

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