‘I Welcome Their Hatred’: FDR’s Famous Anti-Wall Street Speech That’s Sadly Still Relevant (AUDIO)

There are few men throughout history as towering and prolific as former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (or simply FDR). Outside of President Lincoln, it can be said that no other president had as big an impact as FDR. Presiding over a great economic depression and a world war, it was the calming yet tough words and bold actions of this one great man who eventually created our hitherto powerful and robust middle-class. Truly, there was no bigger voice and proponent of creating economic opportunity for those who sought; no other man willing to fight tooth and nail to ensure that lowerend middle-class Americans had long-term financial security (IE, Social Security Act of 1934); and no other president willing to take on the wall street robber barons quite like FDR.

FDR is celebrated for his great many speeches and fireside chats during WW2 and the Great Economic Depression, but there’s one speech he during his 1936 presidential campaign at Madison Square Garden that particularly stands out. It was one that sadly remains as relevant now as it was then, especially given all the vast amount of money the top one percent has made during the economic meltdown of 2008 while the 99 percent has languished.

Watch FDR’s Blistering Anti-Wall Street Campaign Speech That Is Sadly Still Relevant:

Vermont Senator and 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders seems to mirror FDR’s profound disgust for income inequality and wall street’s reckless greed. So perhaps he can be the FDR of the modern era.

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