I Was On Twitter During The Presidential Debate And It Was The BEST Place To Be (TWEETS)

The second Presidential debate is now behind us. Thank the gods. I don’t think I could take another minute of Donald Trump’s incessant sniffing. Or his pathological lying. Following along on Twitter was both fun and groan-inducing. Here’s some of what went down.

I followed along the timeline of the debate, under the hashtag #debate. These are some of the Twitterverse’s reactions:


And that was just the Top Tweets! I felt my brian might ooze out my ears if I looked at the Live Tweets. As of this writing, there are literally many thousands of Tweets under the Live tab, still coming at a rate of 50 per minute. But I wanted to get to bed before next Wednesday. I invite you to go have a look. This was just under the #debate hashtag, though. Be advised that there are also #debate2016, #debatelive and #debatelivestream. Have fun!

One thing Trump did get correct on Sunday night and that is that Twitter is all about communication. Unfortunately for him, however, it’s also about screen caps and saving things to hard drives. Nothing he Tweets will ever disappear. He ought to remember that if he decides to start Tweeting at 3:00am again. Twitter is always on, always populated and is always ready to make history.

Featured Image via Screen Capture

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