‘I Lost. The N***er Won’: Ex-Mayor Posts Bitter Racist Slur About Victorious Black Opponent (TWEET)

This week, the now former Mayor of Midland City, Alabama showed her real face after losing her seat to an African American candidate.

“I lost. The ni**er won,” griped Mayor Patsy Capshaw Skipper when someone asked her how the election turned out.

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According to WTVY Skipper was defeated this week by Jo Ann Bennett Grimsley, a former city clerk and 27-year employee for the Dale County government. Grimsley previously served as the city’s county and water clerk.

Skipper took office last February, after her husband — former Mayor Virgil Skipper — retired due to his health. County officials confirmed Skipper as the interim mayor after a 3 – 1 vote.

However, this week residents of Midland City decided to give Skipper the boot by casting 233 ballots for Grimsley to Skipper’s 148.

Since posting her comment, Skipper changed her Facebook profile to private. However, posts from 2015 are still visible. During that year she posted different pro-Christian and pro-Republican memes, including a picture of the White House with the caption “I want a White House that honors God. Share if you agree!”

Another post featured a quote from former President Ronald Reagan that reads, “We are never defeated unless we give up on God. Share if you agree!”

When groups like Black Lives Matter complain about systemic racism, they are complaining about people like Patsy Capshaw Skipper who often hold on to their power and make the lives of people who look like Grimsley much harder.

And it’s always nice to see the mask ripped off racists in positions of authority.  Skipper can enjoy her “retirement” in disgrace as people now know exactly what she is.

Featured image via Twitter.

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