Hypocrite Paul Ryan: Family Time For Me, But Not For You

Either your family is important to you, or your political career is important to you. One of them has to come first. If you’re a woman in politics and you choose your career over your children, you end up with a political backlash. If you’re a dude, however, no one really expects you to do anything other than put your ambition and political career first.

Paul Ryan, however, has said he refuses to let the post as Speaker of the House to come before his family. Pretty shocking coming from a man who doesn’t support other people’s families. Even more shocking for a guy who was willing to be a vice president, which required being away from his family a lot and would have required a lot of time away from the kids if Romney had won.

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The worst part is that when Ryan was offered the opportunity to put families first, he voted against a bill that would have given federal workers exactly that.

ThinkProgress notes

The sky-high cost of child care in the U.S. can dwarf a parent’s income, particularly a low-income parent. Child care subsidies help defray that cost, allowing a parent to find a place to leave their children while going to work and knowing that they don’t have to rely on family members or unsafe, unstable arrangements. Without them, however, poor parents can face a tough choice between continuing to work and simply staying home because the cost is too high.

“At the same time, however, he’s often said that more poor people need to be in the workforce and combat what he sees as a “culture problem” where they don’t value work.

The Huffington Post also mentions that Ryan’s own caucus blocked President Obama’s efforts to mandate paid parental leave in both the public and private sectors here in the U.S. California, New Jersey and Rhode Island are the only three states in the United States that has paid parental leave. Is he prepared to have a “redo” on this issue if he’s Speaker?

‘This is a job where you are expected to be on the road about a hundred days a year,’ Ryan said in September. ‘Our kids are 10, 12 and 13, and I’m not going to do that.’

Oh, how times change.

The other shocking thing few are talking about is that Ryan says he doesn’t want to: fundraise.

According to Politico, the “informal plans” discussed among staff and officials in the National Republican Congressional Committee include this:

Committee chairmen and other members of the leadership team would need to step up their fundraising…

Ryan would do more Washington-based events, and even use video chat to talk to donors, according to sources involved in the planning for a potential Ryan speakership.

The sad thing any American should find disturbing is that the Speaker of the House doesn’t just run Congress, they’re in charge of fundraising. That’s how powerful money is now. We don’t run governments anymore, we just fundraise. But after years of this being a requirement, Ryan says he’s not really up for it. The arrogance is astounding. Does Ryan think he’s too good? Is he calling the GOP bluff? Whatever it is, Ryan is just another republican hypocrite. Surprise.

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