Hypocrite And Liar Carly Fiorina Runs A Charity That Supported An Abortion Group

In the recent CNN Republican debate, Carly Fiorina was practically lighting her own hair on fire, saying how she DARED any Democrat to watch the Planned Parenthood video of a live fetus getting its brain harvested. She was practically having an emotional breakdown on live TV. Except the video did not exist.

Carly Fiorina has severe problems with factual information, so this is not very surprising. She has stressed again and again, how amazing she did as CEO of HP, yet she almost destroyed the company and got fired from the job.

But wait, we are only getting started.

Fiorina is Chairwoman of Good360, a charity she heads, which gave $18,022 in goods to The Abortion Access Network of Arizona.

She gave a charity WITH THE WORD “ABORTION” IN ITS NAME almost $20k in donations in 2013. Now, she goes on live worldwide TV and screams bloody murder over how wrong abortion is and how Planned Parenthood is a fetal tissue chop-shop.

From Good360’s website:

Carly Loves Abortion

Photo: Web Screen Capture. http://good360.org/about-us/

Well that’s inconvenient, isn’t it?

Running for president sure is one of those things that makes your past life a liability. Whether it was her being so bad at her job that she got fired from HP, or now this new revelation that she is a closet abortion supporter, nothing ever goes undiscovered.

In every Presidential cycle, the hypocrisy of the Republicans is so standard that it barely is news. However, Carly certainly is taking it to a whole new level and setting a difficult bar to beat. Even Fox News is telling her she is a liar. Let’s let that sink in for just a moment.

What new embarrassing truths will come out to counter Fiorina’s lies next? It sort of is beyond the ability of imagination to even guess at this point.

Featured Image: YouTube Screen Capture

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