HYPOCRISY ALERT: States With Strictest Anti-LGBT Laws Also Watch The Most Gay Porn

North Carolina has been in the headlines since the passage of sweeping anti-LGBT laws. Mississipi has followed suit with anti-gay legislation of their own. The adult video industry, however, has provided some interesting insight into the pornography viewing habits of the people who actually live in these states.

People who live in North Carolina might not want to see transgender people in their public restrooms, but they sure do want to see them in their bedrooms via their computer screens.

According to adult entertainment site GameLink, the number one best selling title in North Carolina is My TS [Transsexual] Teacher, followed by Shemale Shenanigans, and third is Joey Silvera’s Trans-Visions 6.

Jeff Dillon, Vice President of GameLink’s parent company eLine, said the number of people searching for videos featuring transgendered individuals has increased far faster in North Carolina than the national average.

We have seen significant growth in the viewing of TS movies in North Carolina since 2012. [Viewing] TS movies has increased 64.3 percent [for North Carolina]; our average state increase during this time is 47 percent.

This information comes after the passage of HB2, a sweeping anti-gay law that strips away legal protections from LGBT discrimination and mandates that everyone use the restroom which corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate, regardless of their gender identity.

According to GameLink:

Our user data show Mississippi has been consuming gay and transsexual pornography at a high rate in comparison to the rest of the country. It’s unfortunate to see that their diverse viewing habits do not translate into an open-minded society.

Mississippi ranked in sixth place for the viewing of gay pornography, with some of the state’s most popular titles being Full-Service Transsexuals, Fathers and Sons Number 3, Bareback Sex, Daddy and Me, and the ever-popular Joey Silvera’s Trans-Visions 6.

Porn site XHamster.com revealed similar statistics for the viewing habits of North Carolina residents when they announced that they were blocking all users from the Tar Heel State from the site until the anti-LGBT bathroom bill is repealed.

Featured image via Your Tango

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