HUGE Republican Fail: FULL Benghazi Transcripts Will Now Be Released, Despite GOP Protests


One of the most notable moments in the recent eternal Republican failure that is “Benghazi”, was when Chairman Trey Gowdy got completely destroyed by Elijah Cummings when he demanded that all of the Benghazi Committee witness transcripts be released.

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With righteous indignation, Elijah Cummings made demands to release the entire transcripts, and asked Gowdy on live TV “What have you got to hide?” Apparently Gowdy had a lot to hide.

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Gowdy tried to push back during the hearing, arguing that they would not take the matter up for a vote. Cummings shot back immediately, saying that they were completely within their rights to take it up for a vote by committee rules. Gowdy then attempted to shame Cummings into not requesting them by making it sound like releasing them would expose names of victims. You could tell Gowdy was grasping at straws by this point.

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Cummings would not be distracted. Firing right back, Cummings said that Republicans keep talking about “the truth” and shouted to release all the transcripts for the hearing so the truth could be seen by the people. After that, Cummings shouted at Gowdy:

Let the world see it! What have you got to hide?

Gowdy again tried to deny that a vote on the release was a valid request and soon after ended the hearing for the day.

In a very ironic twist, Republicans forced themselves to finally reveal the truth about Benghazi. They have been legitimizing these endless hearings by saying they are searching for “the truth” ever since they started. Now when they were confronted on live TV with the demand that the full transcripts be released, they are unable to say no without looking like craven liars. Gowdy has ended up caving under pressure, and will be releasing the full transcripts with no more altering of the documents, selective leaks, or misrepresentation of the truth.

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This is a huge win for Cummings and Democrats nationwide. Cummings had been the one from the very start who had been demanding the CIA declassify some transcripts so they could be released, only to find out that they had never been classified to begin with. This fact forced Gowdy to have to admit he had blacked out parts of the transcripts on his own in order to hide information and allow him to spin this however he wanted to cause maximum damage to Hillary Clinton. Also, it was made known that Gowdy allowed everyone to falsely believe that they had been classified to begin with. Remember, a HUGE portion of this was the idea that Hillary used her private email server for sending classified information. It was suggested this was a huge violation of law. Calls for the torches and pitchforks came out of the woodwork against Hillary, and it was Gowdy this whole time fabricating evidence in order to promote himself on TV. Now the full and un-redacted transcripts are coming out, and Republicans have got nothing left. It’s over. Shame on you, Gowdy. Shame on Republicans as well.



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