Huckabee’s Latest Fail: Bibles In School Will End Shootings (VIDEO)

Unless he’s talking about six-foot-tall, three-foot-wide bulletproof bibles, Former Governor Mike Huckabee has made a fool of himself…again.

Speaking at televangelist shyster Morris Cerrulo’s annual conference, Huckadoodle-doo re-affirmed his belief that faith, prayer and bibles will stop bullets:

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Because we were bringing Bibles to school people weren’t bringing guns to school, except for the deer hunters who left them in their trucks.  What has happened to our culture? What’s happened is we have lost our landmarks. When we reject the Bible as the objective word of truth, when we say that the Bible is no longer the standard by which we live and we make it whatever we feel, what we think, what we believe, then we have no landmark at all because that landmark is always being moved to accommodate our lifestyle rather than make our lifestyle accommodate the word of the living God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

What’s the deal with whackjobs who refuse to understand that not all children are Christian or religious in any way for that matter?  What part of “the government shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion” do they not understand?

Here’s the deal, religious zealots.  Your children are more than welcome to bow their heads and pray whenever and wherever they want, including in the classroom.  If you want to add “Holy Bible” to the list of things you send your kid to school with, please do.

If you believe they should be indoctrinated by one particular religion and led in prayer by public officials you just don’t get it.

Prayer is something that is your right, it is their right, and by all means, exercise it.  If you need someone in the classroom to pass along what belongs in your home, your church and your heart you’re a failure as a parent.

Watch Huckabent’s rant courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

H/T: FreakoutNation | Image: Huffington Post

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