Huckabee Throws Tantrum About Pope’s White House Arrival Ceremony: It’s ‘Anti-Christian’

Predictably, Mike Huckabee had a meltdown over the arrival ceremony for Pope Francis at the White House Wednesday morning. He took issue with who had been invited, calling it a “politicized cattle call.” The guests he had a problem with included the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, an activist nun and LGBT activists. One Vatican source said that the guest list bothered them but another Vatican adviser shrugged it off.

Shrugging it off is not in Huckabee’s repertoire, though. He took to Twitter on Monday to throw a hissy fit about it in a trio of Tweets:

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As usual, Huckabee is reporting from LaLaLand. To what extremes did the President go to “accommodate Muslim terrorists” or shown “disdain for Christians?” Geez, you’d think that the guy is just making stuff up to get all pissy about. Talk about classless.

During the daily briefing on Monday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked about Huckabee’s hysterics. Earnest noted that there had been no theological or ideological test for attendance at the morning welcoming ceremony. Though the Obama administration did issue some of the 15,000 invitations to the event, most were the province of faith organizations, including Catholic ones. Earnest told the press corps:

“The president’s approach is to welcome the pope warmly to the United States and to eagerly anticipate and participate in a discussion about their shared values… There is so much about what Pope Francis has to say that is inclusive and that reflects the kind of personal commitment that Pope Francis has to a wide range of issues, particularly when it comes to social justice… the president is looking forward to the opportunity to sit down with Pope Francis for a second time and to talk about some of — many of those values that they have in common… There’s plenty of opportunity for others to inject politics into this situation. It certainly is a protected constitutional right of theirs to do that. But that’s not what the president is interested in.”

Huckabee will, of course, continue to inject politics into the Pope’s U.S. visit. He can’t help himself. Anything that goes against his particular — and very narrow — view of Christianity is to be attacked. But it would be nice if Huckabee could have his conniption fits in private — it’s getting really old. Then again, it is amusing. Looks like we’ll be putting up with him for a while longer.

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