Huckabee Stoops To New Low, Compares Refugees To Rotten Meat (VIDEO)

No one would ever mistake former Governor Mike Huckabee for a humanitarian. Just to be sure of that the egomaniacal backwoods hillbilly idiot compared the Syrian refugees, victims of the Republican-created scourge ISIL or DAESH, to rotten meat and E. coli laden milk.

Huckabee claims:

The Democrats are more interested in protecting the image of Islam than they are in protecting Americans.

Apparently fundamentalist assh*les like Huckabee feel the same way about a deadly bacteria as they do the human victims of terrorism.

ISIL has an estimated 200 thousand members, in the whole world. Over 9 million Syrians have been driven from their homes, that is roughly the entire population of Chicago. Of that 9 million about 4.5 million have become refugees, so IF every member of ISIL was from Syria (they aren’t) then 0.005 (one-half of one percent) of the refugees MIGHT be members of ISIL. That didn’t stop Tennessee GOPers from trying to start a civil war over refugees, though. 

Right now more people die by gun violence in the US than by foreign terrorists, and by Huckabee’s logic, that means we should ban guns – er, refugees. It really doesn’t seem like the GOP is interested in protecting Americans, just keeping Muslims out of America. Perhaps if Huckabee would apply this logic to guns, an inanimate object, instead of refugees, then there would be more than three minutes and nineteen seconds between shootings in Chicago.

Watch Huckabee get all agitated about refugees with conservative rage-queen Dana Loesch:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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