Huckabee Claims Trump Is Leading ‘Peaceful Overthrow’ Of Our Government (VIDEO)

It is great when a GOP lawmaker, during a time in which the Republican-heavy Congress has a dismal 13 percent approval rating, declares that a violent fascist who is running for president is leading a so-called “peaceful overthrow” of the government. Especially when that lawmaker is Mike Huckabee, who may have garnered up to dozens of supporters even Kim Davis herself, during his ill-fated bid for the GOP nomination.


In light of the fact that only about 12 percent of the country (hmmm, could this be the core of the 13 percent that approve of the obstructionist congress?) is actually in favor of Trump, who has a striking 63% disapproval rating nationally, it would seem that whatever “peaceful overthrow” that Huckabee thinks is happening is really just the very loud death rattle of the GOP itself. It nearly sounds as if Huckabee is endorsing Trump, but not for president, you don’t overthrow a government just to return it to the status quo,  you overthrow to take over and that sounds an awful lot like an emperor.

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There doesn’t seem to be much sense in declaring an overthrow when a candidate only has 12 percent of the country behind him, but then again the statement is coming from a man that ran for president thinking that dozens and dozens of evangelical obstructionist hard-liners (a dying breed) could buoy him to a nomination.

Watch Huckabee’s painful naivete, here:


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