Caller On ‘Eagle Forum’ Wants To Kill Judges Who Rule In Favor Of Same Sex Marriage (AUDIO)

Right wing nutter, anti-immigration immigrant and father of GOP Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz went on the show of another right wing nutter, Phyllis Schlafly.  Predictably, he bloviated about how states should defy federal laws and not allow same-sex marriages. He is very excited about Justice Roy Moore in Alabama ruling that the state does not have to issue nor acknowledge validity of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. He says that the states have the “supremacy” and that federal courts have been “overreaching” and “legislating from the bench.”

Even though no one has ever been forced to perform marriage ceremonies to any couple, and never under penalty of imprisonment–regardless of the couples’ orientation–Cruz stated:

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If marriage of anybody-with-anybody becomes a civil rights issue, then they are going to come to churches and force pastors to violate their religious convictions. And so it is going to come to America to where a pastor is going to be faced with a decision: do you obey a law that is not only unjust but violates your core principles, or do you obey God and face prison?

Of course he goes on with the usual RWNJ baseless rhetoric about how President Obama is a “lawless” “emperor” and not a President and that the United States is on “the brink of destruction.”  Phyllis Schlafly thinks President Obama a “Czar.” They continue to hurl insults about the President.

As one might expect, irresponsible flaming rhetoric like this can whip some mentally unstable people into a lather.

Sure enough, after the crazy talk “Dan” calls in from Sioux City, Iowa, and suggests that the American Christians should start “killing judges” to “defend themselves” from being surrounded by married gay people. Phyllis says that she isn’t ready to kill anyone yet, and thinks we should “use all the ways that are available to us” to stop people that aren’t like them from being able to enjoy the freedom of openly loving the person that they love.

They implore their religious “Christian” base to head to the polls en masse.


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