How To Win A Republican Election: Become A Bigot (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, who is seeking the presidential nomination for the racist Republican Party has oozed onto the political scene more than once. He has also written several books, in which he pulls no punches about who and what he likes and dislikes. This means that we have a great source of information to check his statements against. During the late 90s and early 2000s, Trump dipped his toes into the political water and began posturing and making public appearances as a possible presidential candidate. In his 2000 campaign book “The America We Deserve” Trump takes Pat Buchanan to task for “egregious examples of intolerance” in specific for singling out Mexicans and other minorities.

That wasn’t the only time he did either, but it is a stellar example of one thing: Trump is not what he says he is.

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Pat Buchanan has been guilty of many egregious examples of intolerance. He has systematically bashed Blacks, Mexicans, and Gays,” Trump wrote in his 2000 campaign book The America We Deserve.

Wait, what? Let me remind you of his first Campaign Speech a short 15 years later, courtesy of YouTube:

Now, about “blacks” here Donald Trump’s take on the #BlackLivesMatter movement:

It appears that he knows his behavior is completely reprehensible, as he went further while talking Buchanan’s behavior in this interview with The Advocate, 

I used to like Pat. I was on Crossfire with him,” Trump said. “I thought he was a nice guy. Then I read the things he had written about Hitler, Jews, blacks, gays, and Mexicans. I mean, I think it’s disgusting. That speech he made at the ‘92 Republican convention was a disaster. He wants to divide Americans.

According to Buzzfeed Buchanan’s anti-immigration rhetoric in 1999 was about the same as Trump’s today:

It is a disgrace; it is overrun; it’s treated with contempt by the Mexican government, by illegals…Exploding crime statistics, swamped social services, and the rise of ethnic militancy tell the sad story,” Buchanan’s platform on stopping undocumented immigration read.

It seems that Trump survives and thrives by capitalizing on what his new demographic is afraid of, what they hate, and what they fear. He is able to say whatever is needed to close a deal, his personal feelings have nothing to do with it.

He is, after all, not a politician but a performer and a salesman.

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