How To Tell The Difference Between ‘Domestic Terror’ And ‘Jihad’ (OpEd)

It turns out that this year, with 26 days to go, we have had 355 mass shootings. They are so common, spree shootings, drive-by shootings, church shootings, disgruntled worker shootings, gang-affiliated shootings, officer-involved shootings, school shootings, mall shootings, racially motivated shootings, revenge shootings, toddler shootings, and even “accidental” shootings.

There are more types, but one that seems to be the boogie-man is the Jihad shooting. We have had 2 shootings of that supposedly “super scary” type out of the 355 mass shootings this year. One was in Tennessee, and the other one was on Wednesday in San Bernardino.

The shooting in San Bernardino was so similar to a “disgruntled employee” shooting as to be indistinguishable until it was discovered that the couple that engaged in this shooting had pledged to support ISIL. While we were glued to our electronics, waiting for the “white men in military style clothing and body armor” to be gunned down in a blaze of glory we were not gripping our blankies and crying about terrorism. Does knowing that the attackers were motivated by their religion to attack us change that?

Nope, it honestly just felt like most any other day this year, just another shooting – more carnage – more death.

It has become crystal clear, we are terrorized every single day. Shootings are a fact of life that the GOP and the $NRA$ have decided that we will live with, because the Republicans voted to allow people on terror watch lists to legally purchase guns here, in the good old US of A.

It doesn’t take much of a mental leap from there to see that the GOP doesn’t want us to feel safe, Republicans don’t want us to live in a country where you don’t fear sending your kids to school, and the NRA wants us terrified – for Political reasons (this fits the definition of terrorism).

They all want us to live in concrete bunkers armed to the teeth, spitting bible verses and hating gays, uneducated and frothing at the mouth about the “terrorists” that are coming to get us. People easily led, controlled, and manipulated by fear.

They forgot one little detail – the terrorists are already here. 353 out of 355 mass shootings this year were NOT BY JIHADISTS. In fact of the three Islamic shooters involved in the two shootings that were actually in the Jihad category, only ONE person was foreign born.

Many of the other shooters were terrorists too, such as Robert Dear (Christian/Political) and Dylann Roof (Racist/Political), yet the MSM and the GOP both balk, severely, at calling those attackers “Terrorists.”

To those that seem all the sudden vindicated in their Islamophobia by a “real Terrorist attack,”: sorry, we didn’t notice the Jihad in the middle of all the other Terror Attacks, shootings, and deaths.

According to this analysis:

  • Firearm homicide rates in the US were 20 times higher than in the other countries studied.
  • American teenagers and young adults, ages 15 through 24, were 43 times more likely to be killed by a gun than their counterparts in other wealthy, developed countries.
  • Among the 23 countries with a combined population of 854 million people, the US had roughly one-third of the people — and 80 percent of the gun deaths.

To reasonable people, the Jihad in San Bernardino felt no different than the other 354 mass shootings that we have gone through as spectators. It affects our daily lives no more than the others, and it makes no less sense to hold it up as a failure to put common sense laws into place to stop these damn near daily shootings — or even as a call to study what might help end them.

The only thing that seems to set Jihad-hate style mass shootings apart from Christian-hate, and all the rest of the causes of the wanton wholesale destruction of human lives by gun violence in the USA, is how very rare it is. Two out of 355 is an infinitesimally small number in a country where as of October 2015 our toddlers, tiny little humans, shot people weekly.

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