How Many Of GOP’s 2472 Convention Delegates Will Be Black?

The Washington Post’s Johnathan Capehart describes how, once upon a time, the Republican Party tried really REALLY hard to make it look like they were friendly towards black people:

At the 2000 Republican convention in Philadelphia, the GOP made a concerted effort to reach out to African American voters. While there were scant black delegates for the television cameras to pan to, there were plenty of black people on stage. So much so that I quipped at the time that I hadn’t seen that many black people on television since “Roots.”

But that was a long time ago. The GOP has been the party of white resentment since the 1960s but they at least put up the pretense that they didn’t actually hate black people. According to Capehart, the of the 2066 delegates that attended the Republican convention in 2000, a whole whopping 85 of them were black. That’s just 4.1%. But hey! It was progress! Sort of!

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These days, though? Republicans have stopped pretending to be anything other than the party of choice for outright white supremacy and it shows:

According to a June 1 email sent to an undisclosed list of recipients by Telly Lovelace, the national director for African American initiatives and urban media for the Republican National Committee, so far, only 18 of the 2,472 delegates headed to the Cleveland convention next month will be black. Just 18!

That’s it. 18. Less than one percent. 0.7% That’s it. And just to be clear, the lowest number ever was in 1964 when the convention only had 14 black delegates. And that was at the height of the racial tensions of the Civil Rights Era.

Yet, here we are, half a century later, and the Republican Party is back to being just as overtly racist as it was back then.

Now, the list of delegates has not been finalized and the RNC may be able to scrape up some more token black people but the writing is on the wall. The party has chosen Donald Trump as its nominee and fully embraced his pure, unadulterated racism. The white supremacy movement that encompasses both the KKK and Neo-Nazis are no longer outliers of the right wing, they’ve been welcomed into the party by Trump. It is now undeniable that the Republican Party has no place for minorities of any kind.

When people watch Trump accept his nomination, they will not be watching a modern American political party, they will be watching an anachronistic white power rally masquerading as one.

Here’s an artist’s rendition of the convention:

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