How Far Has MSNBC Fallen? Scarborough Compares Bill Clinton To Bill Cosby (VIDEO)

Out of all the right-wing commentators on television, the one who drives me the craziest is MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. At times, he comes across as the last sane Republican in captivity. At other times, he says stupid stuff like this.

Scarborough and his co-host Mika Brzezinski were joined on January 11 by former congressman and Hillary Clinton supporter Harold Ford, Jr. Ford was there to talk about whether Bill Clinton’s alleged “sex scandals” should have any effect on Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy for president. The question is silly on its face: the answer is a resounding “NO.” But as nonsensical as that notion is, Scarborough turns up the volume by bringing up Bill Cosby.

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After observing that we are now living in the “age of Cosby,” Scarborough says that the public has decided that what Cosby has been accused of is unacceptable, but that the same public has decided that what Bill Clinton did was ok. He wants to know if Americans should hold Hillary accountable for her role in what he calls the “sluts and nuts” defense of the former president.

Ford tries to answer, but things quickly devolve into crosstalk and shouting. When Ford tries to make a point, before he can even explain what that point is, Scarborough shouts him down:

This is important because this is what Clinton defenders always do: They try to distract.

Ford tries again to make his point, but Scarborough won’t let him speak without interrupting, and Brzezinski tells Ford that he is “trying not to answer.”

“This is about sexual harassment in the workplace,” Scarborough says. “This is not about Bill Clinton’s sexual actions.”

Is that what Scarborough really believes the Cosby case is all about — “Sexual harassment in the workplace?”

When Ford is finally able to get a word in, he points out that there is no comparison between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby. He starts to make another point, but again he gets cut off. Scarborough says, “I am fascinated to hear why comparing Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby is wrong.”

Finally, a visibly angry Ford gets a chance to speak.

Bill Cosby has been charged with sexual assault and has had more than 50 women — now, unless you know about a different set of facts than I do, I don’t remember 50 different women coming forward, saying that they were drugged by Bill Clinton and taken advantage of.

“Point taken,” says Brzezinski. But Ford has more:

If Bill Clinton’s political career was not undone by these things, why should Hillary Clinton’s political career be undone by them?

Even if you consider what Bill Clinton did was wrong, what Bill Cosby is accused of rises to a level of impropriety and illegality far beyond anything the former president has ever been accused of. If you can’t see any difference there, it’s time to turn in your keys and move across the street to Fox News, Joe.

Here’s a video of the complete segment, via MSNBC. This also includes former Bush flunky Nicole Wallace and GOP hack “journalist” Mark Halperin. Ford’s portion of the conversation starts at the six-minute mark:

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