House GOP Budget Screws The Working Poor And Middle Class – Saves 1%ers Billions

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) unveiled his budget blueprint in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. According to his plan, the budget can be balanced by 2024 not with tax increases to fair levels on the wealthy, not by closing loopholes that allow the rich to hide income and shift profits offshore, and not by decreasing defense spending to reasonable levels, but by slashing the programs that directly affect the working poor and middle class.

His blueprint states:

Whether we are talking about food stamps, housing assistance or education benefits — all are made more difficult when Washington forgets the limits of its own understanding and power.  When that happens, social and safety net programs stop being a bridge to a more secure future and rather become a barrier to success.

Price’s budget slashes social safety net programs a trillion dollars over the next ten years, with SNAP, (formerly known as food stamps), being one of the hardest hit.

By moving the decision of who qualifies for SNAP to the states, the budget effectively assures that people with incomes, no matter how far below a living wage they are, will lose benefits, lest they become “dependent on government.”

The proposal would turn Medicaid and SNAP funding into “block grants,” the same system that has turned TANF (most commonly referred to as welfare) into a quagmire of restriction and red-tape since its implementation in the 1990s.

Oh, and of course we must repeal Obamacare.  Medicare goes to a voucher program, straight out of Paul Ryan’s playbook.

The proposal goes after the middle class as well as the working poor, privatizing government-backed mortgage companies, slashing education and moving backwards on the plight of making college more affordable.

Rep. Chris Van Holen, (D-MD) dismissed the budget proposal in a scathing review:

It does nothing to boost the paychecks of working Americans and makes it harder to buy a home.  Students will see deep education cuts and college will be less affordable. And this budget takes away the tools that allow people to climb the ladder of opportunity.

Take away the tools to empower the working classes, restrict education and blame the poor for everything, all while lifting the sequester cap on defense spending.

Way to prioritize, GOP.

H/T: Huffington Post | Image: Screen Capture from Huffpost Video

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