House Erupts In Chaos When Paul Ryan Tries To Pretend He Cares About Pulse Victims (VIDEO)

On Monday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan lost control of the House of Representatives when he put on a show and pretended he cared about the victims of the Pulse shooting by leading a moment of silence. Democrats waited for the moment to end and then started shouting at the Speaker.

House Democrats chanted:

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Where’s the bill? Where’s the bill? Where’s the bill?

The lawmakers were referring to gun control legislation, something Ryan is not interested in putting forth. Just one day after experiencing the most deadly mass shooting in American history, Paul tried to go on as if it were just another day. He thought that he could have a moment of silence and that would appease everyone — he thought wrong.

According to CBS News:

Amid the shouting, Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, D-South Carolina, tried to seek recognition.

“I am really concerned that we have just today had a moment of silence and later this week the 17th…,” Clyburn said, as he was interrupted by Ryan who then asked if he was a posing a parliamentary inquiry.

“Yes, Mr. Speaker,” Clyburn said. “I am particularly interested about three pieces of legislation that have been filed in response to Charleston.”

The latest outburst comes less than a month after House Democrats chanted,“Shame!” at Republicans after the GOP defeated an amendment to protect the LGBT community from discrimination.

We’ve seen a lot of members of the right-wing claim that they feel really bad about the shooting in Orlando, that their “prayers” are with the victims and families, but they are full of it. Not only have Republicans refused to protect all Americans with common sense gun legislation, they have ACTIVELY discriminated against the LGBT community. What’s worse is that they are using a crime that was committed out of hate, to push their hateful anti-Muslim agenda.

Instead of bringing the country together, the GOP is working to divide us. They are doing this before the bodies of the Orlando victims have even been lowered into the ground. House Democrats deserve a round of applause for their actions yesterday, but we also need them to keep working for us to get anti-discrimination and gun legislation passed.


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