Host Shuts Down Cruz For Blaming Media For Losing: No, You’re Losing Because Voters Hate You (VIDEO)

As Marco Rubio might say, let’s dispel with this fiction that Ted Cruz has a shot at the nomination.

Having long positioned himself as the viable alternative to Republican front-runner Donald Trump, the premise is growing more absurd by the day. Already beyond the reach of getting the nomination before the convention, Cruz is now running his campaign purely on the basis of being a spoiler for Trump. The major problem: Even in that capacity, he’s losing. Badly.

After major losses to Trump in late April, and facing a double-digit deficit in the “must win” state of Indiana, the only thing Cruz has proven thus far is that he’s the one person in the world people hate more than Trump. So we can excuse Meet the Press host Chuck Todd for getting a little fed up with Cruz’s whining.

On Sunday’s show, Todd grilled Cruz over the viability of his campaign and whether or not he would eventually come to support Donald Trump. As usual, the candidate was annoyingly cagey.

Todd: Can you support Donald Trump?

Cruz: Chuck, I recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump.

At which point, Todd understandably loses it.

It’s not about the media! Senator, it’s about the numbers. He may win. Republicans voters are the ones rejecting you! This is not a media conspiracy.

Cruz’s face – a mix of deeply buried anger and terrified acceptance – is priceless.


Instead of acknowledging the truth of what Todd was telling him, Cruz doubled down on his “liberal media” talking points. His argument is that the “media stands to make millions of dollars” off of a Trump win (what?) and they are in the tank for the Republican front-runner. Why? Because NBC’s executives are “partisan Democrats.”

Todd again stands up to Cruz:

You don’t get to just say that! It’s just not true. You’re broad brushing here and this is exactly what people hate about the media and politics. Broad brushes, right?”

It’s certainly exactly what people hate about Ted Cruz. As usual, the candidate points fingers at everyone but himself. He’s not hated because his policy positions are horrific, but because the “media” wants Trump to win. (Just why exactly these so-called “partisan Democrats” want Trump, a man who wants to shoot Muslims with bullets dipped in pig’s blood, to win is never explained.) Cruz also never gets around to answering whether he would vote for Trump if and when he loses. Of course not. That would take integrity.

It’s time for Ted Cruz to face it: It’s not a conspiracy, America just doesn’t like you.

Featured image via NBC News screengrab

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